REVIEW: Hammer To Nail (Capsule Review @ Slamdance)

REVIEW: Hammer To Nail (Capsule Review @ Slamdance)

Probably the most memorable performance of the festival is Leah Goldstein in Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson’s very dark indeed comedy Diamond Tongues. With her mop of messy-on-purpose blond hair she seems at first to be a cool, supportive member of a community of Toronto actors, but there’s something off—a kind of bottomless-pit-of-need quality to her dark eyes. As Edith, Goldstein creates an iconic character consumed with envy in a way that’s both extreme and relatable: her bad behavior gradually escalates from a creepy childlike compulsion to talk about other people’s experiences as if they were her own to dreaming up hilariously devious ways of sabotaging her best friend’s career.

– Paul Sbrizzi

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