REVIEW: Next Projection – NXNE Festival Review (Toronto)

REVIEW: Next Projection – NXNE Festival Review (Toronto)

This is the first time feature for Moondi and Robertson and it makes a unique impact on the Toronto film scene. The story focuses on Edith (Leah Goldstein) struggling actress who’s been relatively unsuccessful. She goes about her days at auditions and failed callbacks while the people around her progress. This does very little for her confidence as an actress and Edith begins to lash out unable to parse what is missing in her life.

Goldstein is captivating to watch and deftly plays Edith with an attuned nuance. The moments where Edith displays her most awkward moments of jealously are poignant. The film succeeds because of its directors’ steady pace at keeping the narrative on track. I make this point because as quirky as Toronto film can be, those eccentricities lead to red herring tangents. Diamond Tongues manages to convey a refreshing portrayal of the many young people coping to find a purpose in life while painting Toronto nightlife in a hipster cool light.

– Jacqueline Valencia

Source: Next Projection


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