Slamdance Tickets Now Available!

Slamdance Tickets Now Available!

Online tickets for our two screenings in Slamdance are now available! Our World Premiere (January 25th at 5:15pm) will feature lead actress Leah Goldstein in attendance. Directors Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson will be attendance for both screenings (Screening two is January 28th at 8:50pm) along with actor Nick Flanagan and more assorted cast and crew. Here are the festival’s programming notes:

“What is a frustrated indie actress capable of? Will she lie? Yes. Backstab? Of course — if it gets her an audition, or at least soothes her own failure. Never has the insecurity, jealousy, and destructive navel-gazing of creative pursuit been so spot-on and darkly hilarious as it is in Diamond Tongues. And never has it been so enjoyable to watch. Even though she’s fictional, the relentless and resentful Edith Welland is the most honest actress you’ll see this year in Park City. I guarantee it.”Aaron Marshall, Programmer & Co-Captain, Slamdance Film Festival

Tickets here:

Screening Times
Sunday January 25th, 5:15pm (World Premiere, star Leah Goldstein in attendance)
Wednesday January 28th, 8:50pm


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